The Journey Begins

Trail Blaise

I have always believed in the saying “Don’t follow the path, blaze a trail…” I am living those words today like I never thought I would. After 5 years of my “Blaise the Baker” blog and everything that has went along with it, I am transforming my image and brand in ways I never thought possible. I have learned that things do not always work out the way you might think they would and I have learned some hard lessons about social media campaigns and what to do and what not to do. I am thankful for those experiences and I am thankful for what each of them have taught me.

Success is great and everyone has their own definition. Some people may think success means having a lot of money, a lot of fans, followers or subscribers. Some people define success in how many homes they have, cars they have available to drive or rings they wear. My definition of success means living the life you want to live on your own terms and your own set of rules.

Living honestly and with pride and dignity.

If you are a “Blaise the Baker” follower and have been since the beginning, thank you. Thank you for joining me here and thank you for your continued dedication and support. If you are a “CHEW THIS!” follower, your continued reading and responding has enlightened my life in ways I never thought possible. Thank you. Thank you for joining me here and I hope you will like what you see. If you are new to this site I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit. I hope you will stay awhile and I hope you will subscribe and continue to come back.

My “Blaise the Baker” brand is shifting into broader venues. I will still be sharing my delicious recipes and cookbook reviews but I will also be sharing more personal and day-to-day sort of happenings. My new brand and new site “Trail Blaise” is about continuing my passions but on a new and different level. I hope that you will join me on my new, yet different and continued, journey of blazing a new trail. My own trail. Trail Blaise.


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