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Originally published on “Blaise the Baker” July 20th, 2014


“Fried and True” By: Lee Brian Schrager with Adeena Sussman

Let me just start out by saying “O.M.G.”. This book is beyond words and I highly recommend it to 3 groups of people. Those who love fried chicken, those who love eating fried chicken, and those who love reading about fried chicken.

I have made it no secret in the past (and for those who follow me on social media you know this to be true) that I LOVE fried chicken. LOVE – in all caps! It brings me back to my childhood and brings memories to me that no other food ever has or ever will.

Whoopi Goldberg writes the “foreword” for the book, and I now love her even more. Ha! Seriously – she writes about fried chicken as only a true lover of fried chicken would…and she is a self proclaimed one.

The book is MORE than just fried chicken recipes though! There’s also recipes for side dishes such as “Fried Green Tomatoes” (page 43), “Hash Brown Casserole” (page 61), “Old-Fashioned Coleslaw” (page 70), “Cheesy Garlic Grits” (page 101), “Corn Bread Sticks” (page 130), and “Baked Beans and Barbecue Sauce” (page 142) just to name a few! Each and every side dish (and buttermilk biscuit) recipe pairs perfectly with any of the fried chicken recipes.

What kind of fried chicken? You name it!

Included in this delicious book are recipes for “Hattie B’s Hot Chicken” (page 45), “The Loveless Cafe’s Fried Chicken” (page 60), “Naked Fried Chicken” (page 67), “Sunday Night Fried Chicken” (page 88), “Hard Fried Chicken” (page 97), “Sweet Tea-Brined Fried Chicken” (page 147), “Kick-Ass Batterless Fried Chicken” (page 204), and even recipes for specialties such as “Fried Chicken Salad” (page 222).

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine was two paragraphs ago…

Also included (at the beginning of the book) is a section called “Fried Chicken 101” and it answers ANY and ALL questions a person might have about fried chicken, how to prepare it, ingredients, methods, etc. It is very useful and at about 15 pages in length, worth the price of the book alone.

It also includes pictures (a tutorial in pictures on how to properly cut up a chicken), and separates all of the fats and oils used in frying chicken – make the method almost foolproof!

If you are looking for “celebrity chef” recipes – this book has plenty of those as well. Paula Deen, Thomas Keller, and Marcus Samuelsson all make appearances, just to name a few…

I have marked several recipes to try (if not the entire book) and have already decided to gift a copy of this to my Grandma Barbra for Christmas (who LOVES fried chicken almost as much as I do…almost!)

If you are still in doubt about a book about fried chicken and sides (and WHO would be???) don’t be discouraged…the recipes are easy, the pictures are beautiful and with several of the recipes a “history” of the location and food are included. There is something here for everyone! I highly recommend this book!

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