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Originally published on “Blaise the Baker” July 27th, 2014


“Big Fat Cookies” By: Elinor Klivans

I discovered this book thanks to Nigella Lawson (who I absolutely love and adore) who originally posted about the “Big Fat Cookies” cookbook on her website.

As soon as I read her post, I knew it was a book that I HAD to have. I ordered it immediately and got it within the week. I flipped through the book knowing I was in true love…

Recipes for cookies (HUGE cookies) galore! Most of the recipes (if not all) call for an “ice cream scoop with 1/4 cup capacity”. As soon as I read this – I knew Elinor and I would be great friends!

I have made my cookies “big and fat” for years, and I DO use an ice cream scoop with 1/4 cup capacity! I always have! I say, if you are going to have a cookie – HAVE A COOKIE!

What really brought my smitten feelings to a whole new level was her recipes for three particular chocolate chip cookie versions. Can I just talk about them for a minute?! How do these sound…

“Chocolate Chip STUFFED Cookies” (page 25) – These are chocolate chip cookies that are stuffed (yes, stuffed) with chocolate chips. How insane and AMAZING do those sound!? Nigella posted the recipe for them in the above link.

Why didn’t I think of that!? Placing chocolate chips INSIDE of two pressed together cookies!? YUM!

“Chocolate Chip Cookies IN a Cookie” (page 36) – These are BAKED chocolate chip cookies that are crumbled and stirred into chocolate chip cookie dough and baked again! I know, right!? Genius! And again…why didn’t I think of that!? Sounds like my idea of Heaven…

The third recipe that completely blew me away was the one on page 40. Brace yourselves…

“Chocolate-covered Chocolate Chip Cookie Mud Balls”! Do you hear the sounds of Heaven!? Ha! Get this… These cookies are cookies that are baked, cooled slightly and then crumbled up and formed into balls, refrigerated, and then dipped in chocolate! Think “cake pop” but chocolate chip cookie form…

Can. You. Believe. It!? Ha!

I highly recommend this cookbook for lovers of cookies (there are SEVERAL other recipes in the book other than just the chocolate chip varieties that I have mentioned) as well as people who just love a “guilty” read. Elinor’s way of describing each recipe is worth the price of the book itself.

This will go on my shelf of “favorites” as I hope it will yours as well! Delicious, full of beautiful color photographs and chuck full of (chips) and amazing recipes!

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