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Originally published on “Blaise the Baker” October 21st, 2015


“The Vermont Country Store Cookbook” By: Ellen Ecker Odgen and Andrea Diehl with The Orton Family

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this cookbook!? LOVE!

The stories – the recipes – the family history – the photographs – the heirloom loveliness that is on every single page brings you a feeling of warmth that no other cookbook has provided for me and I can not recommend this book highly enough! (I am actually buying several copies for some of my friends for Christmas…)

This fabulous book is divided up into eleven “chapters”. I am going to list the chapters, and only some of the recipes (my personal favorites) so you can get an idea of how delicious this book is…

Chapter 1 – The Dairy Barn / Breakfast and Brunch
“Buttermilk Doughnut Puffs” (page 5), “Farmhouse Yogurt” (page 11), “Sunday Morning Frittata” (page 16), “Cranberry-Orange Country Scones” (page 19) and “Blueberry and Zucchini Quick Bread” (page 20).

Chapter 2 – The Kitchen Garden / Soups, Salads and Sides
“Farmers’ Market Gazpacho, Two Ways” (page 27), “Roasted Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup” (page 30), “Corn and Cucumber Summer Salad” (page 35), “Roasted Vegetable Platter” (page 38), “Green Goddess Dressing and Potato Salad” (page 43) and “Vermont Cheddar and Spinach Custard” (page 49).

Chapter 3 – Small Family Farms / Chicken, Turkey and Pork
“Roasted Herb Chicken with Lemon” (page 56), “Traditional Roast Turkey with Apple-Sage Dressing” (page 64), “Turkey Burgers with Basil Mayo” (page 70), “Hunters’ Pork Pocket Pies” (page 71), “Grandma Hamilton’s Sausage” (page 77) and “Mildred’s Maple-Glazed Ham with Maple Mustard” (page 78).

Chapter 4 – Streams and Fields / Fish, Beef and Lamb
“Pan-Seared Cornmeal-Crusted Whole Trout” (page 86), “Yankee Cod Cakes” (page 92), “Marinated Grilled Flank Steak” (page 98), “Vermont Shepherd’s Pie” (page 101) and “Maple-Mustard Grilled Rack of Lamb” (page 107).

Chapter 5 – Wilds and Woods / Mushrooms, Quail, Duck, Rabbit, Venison and Berries
“Crispy Wild Rice Cakes” (page 116), “Vermont Glazed Quail with Cranberry Stuffing” (page 120), “Rabbit Braised in Hard Cider” (page 126), “Award-Winning Venison and Apple Chili” (page 129), “Elderberry Shrub” (page 134) and “Blackberry Cordial” (page 135).

Chapter 6 – The Gristmill / Breads and Whole Grains
“German Cocoa Rye Bread” (page 145), “Farmhouse Whole Wheat Honey Bread” (page 148), “Lumberjack Granola” (page 153), “New England Pesto Spiral Rolls” (page 154) and “Quinoa Salad with Pan-Grilled Radicchio” (page 163).

Chapter 7 – Potlucks and Crowd-Pleasers / Dishes and Desserts for Gatherings and Celebrations
“Summer Roasted Caponata Dip” (page 169), “Maple and Molasses Baked Beans” (page 173), “Roasted Vegetable Lasagna” (page 174), “Swiss Chard Phyllo Pie” (page 176), “Old-Fashioned Jelly Roll” (page 178), “Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Custard: Strawberry and Maple-Walnut” (page 185) and “Home Sweet Home Gingerbread House” (page 188).

Chapter 8 – The Pantry / Condiments, Jams and Jellies
“Bread-and-Butter Pickles” (page 201), “Raspberry-Peach Jam” (page 205), “Better Homemade Ketchup” (page 208), “Bryant House Maple Barbecue Glaze” (page 212), “Hot Pepper Jelly” (page 213) and “Green Tomato and Pepper Piccalilli” (page 214).

Chapter 9 – The Cookie and Candy Jars / Cookies, Brownies, Fudge and Brittle
“Grandma’s Best Brownies” (page 221), “Homemade Fig Newtons” (page 225), “Mildred’s Maple Bonbons” (page 228), “Salted Caramel Buttermilk Fudge” (page 231), “Date Nut Squares” (page 237) and “Reverse Chocolate Chip Cookies” (page 240).

Chapter 10 – The Cake and Pie Safe / Pies, Crisps, Cobblers and Cakes
“Farmhouse Cider Apple Pie” (page 246), “Summer Fruit Cobbler” (page 256), “Gingerbread with Lemon Curd” (page 258), “Angel Food Crunch Cake” (page 267), “Not Your Grandmother’s Fruitcake” (page 270) and “Mocha Fudge Cake with Mocha Fudge Frosting” (pages 274 and 276).

Chapter 11 – Vermont, a Way of Life
I love this chapter. It ties everything nicely together, while preserving family (and business) traditions.

A wonderful cookbook!

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