FEATURE – Rocking M Meat Market

I am so excited to share with everyone my first ever “Feature Story”! It was so fun!

The following originally appeared in “The Courier-Times” and / or “The Shelbyville News”. Check their websites for further information and dates.

Rocking M Meat Market, comes Rocking into Henry County

Blaise Doubman

“Rocking M Meat Market” is one of Henry Country’s newest small businesses and I had the pleasure of talking with budding entrepreneur, Shelia Martin, through virtual communications and it was an absolute pleasure! Rocking M Meat Market is a new storefront, located at 6121 W. State Rd. 234 and has been super successful since its soft opening just a few months ago.

Sheila Martin and her family of 5, live on a multi-generational farm located right outside of New Castle. They feed over 300 head of cattle and farm 1500 acres. Shelia said that being able to provide locally raised beef directly to the community had been a goal of the family for awhile now. Offering this service allows their clientele to know where their beef comes from as well as providing another way for their family farm to be sustainable for generations to come. Shelia and her family have been raising beef for 5 generations, right here in Henry County. She describes the whole process as, not just a business but a way of life for them.

Lots of people may second guess themselves when thinking of opening a business in today’s times and economy but Sheila looked at the issues head on. Sheila said that the current climate right now has been trying for many small businesses, but they believe they are able to provide an important and vital product for the community. Locally produced food sources provide stability when the future seems uncertain. Sheila also stressed that an important part of owning a small, family-based business is not only providing a high-quality product but also being passionate about what you do and what you can offer the community. One of her favorite quotes comes from a very smart wonderful businesswoman friend of hers and says, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”. Something she has taken to heart.

Their family farm has been feeding cattle for over 5 generations. Sheila and her husband, JR, have 3 children, Catherine, Faith and Robert. To them, it is not just a business but their way of life. Their children are the fifth generation to grow up on their family farm and learn how to care for the cattle. Sheila and JR are thankful that they get to pass onto their children the values, care and commitment that go into not only running a farm but a small business.

At Rocking M Meat Market, Sheila and her family are committed to giving their customers high quality meat and the pace of mind that comes from knowing the source of the food you put on your family’s plates. Something particularly important in today’s food world of chemicals, processing and other unknown factors from growing, marketing and selling. The meat sold at Rocking M Meat Market, is also the very same meat that Sheila proudly feeds to her family.

Rocking M Meat Market starts with locally sourced cattle that are at weaning weight, which is about 700 pounds. The crops they raise on the farm, provide the cattle with a balanced diet and in return, they recycle their manure to make fertilizer for their fields. In 6 months, the calves are at their market weight of about 1500 pounds. Sheila describes this ecosystem as efficient, environmentally friendly and the perfect combination of things to produce delicious beef!

Rocking M Meat Market is located at 6121 W. State Rd. 234 New Castle, Indiana. Their hours are Monday-Friday 10-7 and Saturday 10-1. Their phone number is 765-422-8731 and they can be found on Facebook under Rocking M Meat Market as well as Instagram at RockingMMeatMarket. Their email address is rockingmmeatmarket@gmail.com Rocking M Meat Market also delivers! Please call or email for more information on their business.

It was such a pleasure to talk with Sheila! After knowing her for many years, I really have a newfound respect for her and her family. Bringing something to the community that helps out not only the people, but provides a need to so many people, while holding a positive impact on the environment, while also instilling life qualities in their children is really something I admire.

Before our chat ended, Sheila shared with me her favorite recipe for homemade beef and noodles. She takes a sirloin steak and cooks it in the crockpot, on low, for 6 hours with 2 cups of water and an envelope of gravy mix. For the noodles she combines 1 egg, 1 cup of flour and a pinch salt. She adds flour as needed to prevent sticking as you roll out with a rolling pin. Cut the noodles to the width and length you like. Cook and serve with mashed potatoes and gravy.

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