The following originally appeared in “The Courier-Times” and / or “The Shelbyville News”. Check their websites for further information and dates.

Kennard Senior Living reopens community bingo night

Blaise Doubman

Kennard Senior Living has officially reopened their community bingo night and the residents, both in the town of Kennard and those living in the facility, are more than excited and ready. The plug had to be pulled on the bingo night festivities in the beginning parts of 2020 because of the COVID-19 virus concerning state and national protocols. Shirley Wagner, Kennard resident, said that she had participated in the community bingo event before the virus changed things and it was “a lot of fun” and that “it was a nice relaxing evening of eating pizza and playing bingo”. Yes, a full operating pizza restaurant, “Sky Pizzeria” finds itself nestled in the Kennard Senior Living gymnasium. Their menu is rather large and has expanded twice since their initial opening. They offer pizzas of all sizes, countless toppings, sauces and crust variations, along with a variety of cheese breads, wings, oven baked spaghettis, sub sandwiches, desserts and even newer offerings such as deep-fried ravioli and a wide assortment of what they call “sky fries”, which are french fries topped with anything you desire! Eric Counceller, owner and master pizza maker, said that he loves serving the community, seeing and visiting with familiar faces, as well as getting to know some new ones.

Terri Smith, who volunteers at the community bingo program, said that since the bingo reopening, she wants to reassure people that they are offering as much social distancing as people may want or need, and are following all precautions as the State recommends. There is no alcohol allowed on the property and there is no basketball to be played in or around the bingo area. There is also no money involved or exchanged in the playing of bingo or the prizes. Admittance is free, although it is strongly encouraged that each person playing bring a bingo prize to add to the prize table. 6 bingo cards can be played at a time and daubers can be brought or purchased in the bingo area for $2 each. Kids are allowed in the bingo area but must remain seated with the adult they are with and be able to play their own cards. Terri Smith said about starting back up the program, “We just needed to start something back up after being shut up for so long. We needed to get back to some kind of normal”.

Kennard resident, Cindy Shelton, agrees, adding, “I love the fellowship with the people and getting out for awhile without actually having to leave town! I also love getting reacquainted with old friends that I went to high school with. When I first started playing bingo, I was going through radiation on my hip and could hardly walk up to get my bingo prizes, but glory to God, I made it through and can now go right up and get my prizes!” Another Kennard resident, Jan Lines, agrees about the fellowship and says, “It is so fun to visit with people from town that I don’t get to see very often. It is so nice to be able to share a meal together while playing bingo.” Jan also adds that she loves how it is free and accessible to the local community. “I like that it is a free activity. There is no cash prize, just bring a prize for the prize table.”

Community bingo night is every Thursday night from 6pm-8pm at the Kennard Senior Living Facility located at 232 Vine Street in Kennard. Sky Pizzeria is located in the gymnasium and is open Thursday through Sunday from 4pm-10pm. They offer dine in, carry out and delivery. Sky Pizzeria’s phone number is 765-781-2233 and find them on their official Facebook profile.


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