FEATURE – Kennard Krusaders Community Fundraiser

The following originally appeared in “The Courier-Times” and / or “The Shelbyville News”. Check their websites for further information and dates.

Kennard Krusaders Community Fundraiser

Blaise Doubman

Holly Lee, of Kennard, is putting together a community fundraiser at the Kennard Senior Living Facility, located at 232 Vine Street in Kennard, Indiana. The event will be held on December 31st from 8pm until 12:30am. There will be a special karaoke event where a prize will be given for “best celebrity impersonator”. There will also be door prizes, music, a dance floor, pinatas and pizza being sold by Sky Pizzeria. Music playing will be hits throughout each decade, starting with the 1920’s. Food offered, in addition to pizza shop menu will be chips, cookies and donuts. Absolutely no alcohol, guns or animals permitted inside the building. Special “pie in the face” event will happen for every $200 raised during the fundraiser. The fundraiser is to help the Kennard Krusaders purchase a 16×40 lofted barn cabin for items related to town assistance. 

Kennard Krusaders was born in 2015 as a food and toiletry box outside of the Kennard Town Hall and was named the “Little Blessings Box”. In 2017 and 2018 the weather was bad, so it was forced to move inside the Kennard Town Hall and clothing items were added with the food. In July 2018, school supplies were added in with the clothing items and food. During the Christmas season in 2018, the Kennard Krusaders left present and food baskets on door steps throughout the town of Kennard. In  2019 and 2020, Santa gifts and an Easter parade were added to the ever-growing list of functions related to the Kennard Krusaders. Today, the program has outgrown its roots and has graduated into an incorporated organization. 

Looking towards the future, the Kennard Krusaders hope to move out of the town hall and into a 16×40 lofted barn cabin. Holly said that her mission and the mission of the Kennard Krusaders is to “provide assistance to the town of Kennard volunteer Fire and Police Departments and Greensboro Township families by way of food, clothing, sports and education scholarships, school supplies, Christmas assistance, the park system and public safety.” 

Holly adds, “With your support I will continue to grow, to assist out community and leave no person behind. Giving hope to those who need it today. Young, old and in between, no one should be without.”


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