FEATURE – Kory’s Kettle Corn is looking to grow and Pop into the area

The following originally appeared in “The Courier-Times” and / or “The Shelbyville News”. Check their websites for further information and dates.

Kory’s Kettle Corn is looking to grow and Pop into the area

Blaise Doubman

In and around town, you have may noticed big talk about something relatively new to the area. Kettle Corn. Kettle Corn is a sweet, slightly crunchy popcorn that is, as most people would say, deliciously addictive. Kory Koger is looking to bring his passion of this sweet stuff to people around the area. He is the owner of “Kory’s Kettle Corn” and specializes in weddings, fund raising, festivals and even offers custom orders. His Kettle Corn is different than most because you can taste the passion behind it. 

Kory Koger says that cooking has always been a big part of his family life growing up. “I saw how happy it made us and everyone around us, so I wanted to pursue a career in it one day, if our family farm business wasn’t in the cards for myself. I completed two years of the Culinary Arts vocational program, offered through the New Castle Chrysler High School, and after graduation, I went on to complete a two-year Culinary Arts college degree at Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky. From there, I came back to New Castle and helped open and operate a few local restaurants at the time.” 

Kory explains that Kettle Corn came to him when he took over part of his family business that sold produce at a roadside stand in the summer of 2009. “It was always my favorite version of popcorn, of all time. We had purchased a retro circus cart style 8oz popper for our living room and started doing batches there for our movie times. I got the idea to start bagging it and selling it at my roadside stand and it all just took off from there.” Kory says that the official standalone Kettle Corn business startedwhen he exited the family farm business in the fall of 2020. “During the decade spent operating that portion of the family business, our Kettle Corn became locally appreciated and loved. We spend our seasons attending festivals and events, alongside doing wedding popcorn barns, all the way to custom orders, online shipping and local school fundraising opportunities.

So, aside from the passion that is behind every kernel of Kory’s Kettle Corn, what makes his special? Kory explains, “I feel I’ve found a balance of ingredients that’s hard to rival, as it took me several years to discover. For so many years we sold just our classic take on our very own version of Kettle Corn, but through the years we started doing more and more candy-coated flavors, like cherry and candy apple green, which made wonderful mixes for our Holiday themed bags!” Other than the unique and special flavors offered, Kory also creates custom wedding popcorn bars, as well as unique packaging displays. Popcorn is always a huge hit for birthdays, weddings, graduation events and for gifting in general. 

Kory is now interested in expanding his Kettle Corn business to include a local storefront. “The 1400 block plaza and downtown New Castle in general, has been experiencing a wonderful rebirth and I would be honored to become a part of it for several years to come. There are several places downtown that I would love to get into to open our very own gourmet popcorn shop! I am already in talks with a few building owners downtown about hopefully bringing that life this year to the downtown area.”

Kory and his Kettle Corn business have already been looking to expand into different retail and food establishments that would carry his products. “We plan on reaching out to several local retail establishments this year to carry our popcorn, so be on the lookout!”

What advice does Kory give others wanting to start their own business? “My advice would be to surround yourself with as many positive and likeminded people you possibly can that have had experience with running or helping run a business. If it wasn’t for my close friends and family, who I looked to for advice and help, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today. Running a business takes everything. Your heart, your soul, your time, your love. You go through good days and through bad ones. It takes it all, but the freedom is always worth it no matter what.”

People can place an order and reach out to Kory and Kory’s Kettle Corn through Facebook at Facebook.com/koryskettlecorn“They can send us a message via Direct Message. We love filling custom orders and special requests!” You can also reach Kory at 765-354-8378

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