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About Blaise Doubman: Blaise Doubman is the creator of the popular blog, “Blaise the Baker” and more currently, “TRAIL BLAISE”. He is a food writer, recipe developer, cookbook reviewer, influencer, self-published author and food columnist. He is also a graduate of Indiana University, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities. His blogs have both been known for sharing original and inspired sweet and savory recipes, cookbook reviews, “CHEW THIS!” column features, food tricks and kitchen hints.

His love of all things food, storytelling, experimentation and writing lead him to his continuing position of successful food columnist for the well known Henry County, Indiana newspaper, “The Courier-Times”, one of the oldest newspapers in the state. His food column, “CHEW THIS!”, has attracted thousands of people, from all over the United States, creating a dedicated following and prompting spikes in printed newspaper sales, as well as encouraging online newspaper subscribers.

If you do not find him in the kitchen developing recipes or writing, you can find him entertaining for friends and family.

Blaise published his debut cookbook, “Blaise the Baker Dessert First” in September 2016, followed two years later by his second cookbook, “Blaise the Baker Celebrates!”. Both cookbooks were a huge success, prompting sales all across the United States as well as Canada, Mexico, Africa, Japan and Australia. Each cookbook had multiple printings and sold thousands and thousands of copies. Both cookbooks entered their final printings in 2018 and are still sold in several select retail stores across the Indiana area.

Blaise’s online social media presence has been building for several years with fans, followers and subscribers numbering in the thousands. Fans love how he shares not only recipes and cookbook reviews but also shares personal stories, family memories and life stories. He also shares online giveaways, inspirational messages, question and answer features, live videos, kitchen tips and tricks and step by step recipe photos.

Blaise’s brand is known for familiar, family recipes that are heirloom and vintage inspired, with a twist. His brand has been featured in several magazine publications, newspapers, podcasts and online news features, as well as being featured by Country Music Icon, Actress, Author and Food Network TV Star, Trisha Yearwood.

People connect with his recipes not only because of his personal writing style but because his recipes are familiar, comforting and nostalgic. His fans and followers are also trusted in knowing his recipes work and know that they are tested time and time again before publication. Blaise’s recipes are trusted, time-honored traditions that have been in his family for years. His recipes will quickly become your favorite go-to recipes.

Praise for “Blaise the Baker” and “TRAIL BLAISE” 

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“All praise for Blaise! Blaise is one of the most creative and passionate bakers that I know and I am so excited about his new cookbook! It’s filled with inspiration to make every single day a celebration to share with your friends and family. I can’t think of anything better than that. Oh Happy Day!” -Cheryl Day, ‘Back in the Day Bakery’ pastry baker, ‘New York Times’ bestselling cookbook author of ‘The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook’ and ‘Back in the Day Bakery Made with Love’ 

“Blaise the Baker brings an energy to baking that is contagious! When I want a sweet treat that I know will be a hit, I turn to “Blaise the Baker Dessert First”! Blaise has an optimistic outlook on life and baking that is sure to inspire both beginning and seasoned cooks.” -Roxanne Wyss, cookbook author, ‘QVC’ contributor, blogger and food writer 

“Blaise brings such enthusiasm to cooking that he makes you want to get into the kitchen and try one of his recipes – but it will be tough to choose which one because they all sound delicious!” -Jolene Ketzenberger, ‘Eat Drink Indy’ founder, blogger, radio host, food writer and television personality 

“Blaise’s heritage recipes dish up equal servings of nostalgia and delight and will transport you back to your grandmother’s kitchen and the Church picnics and potlucks of childhood.” -Sarah Hodge, Japan-based food and travel writer, student, photographer, traveler, top rated cookbook reviewer and creator of bundtlust.com 

“When you use Blaise’s recipes, you get more than tested, delicious home cooking. You also get the author’s lively commentary, and feel as though he’s standing beside you in the kitchen sharing in the fun. Blaise writes recipes filled with great ingredients, joyful commentary, humor and of course, a perfect end result to share with your family and friends.” -Donna Cronk, Neighbors editor of the New Castle, Indiana newspaper ‘The Courier-Times’, blogger at donnacronk.com and author of ‘Sweetland of Liberty Bed and Breakfast’ and ‘That Sweet Place: At Home in the Heartland’

“I can’t say enough about my good friend Blaise the Baker – he just gets it! He cooks from the heart and all of his recipes scream comfort, love and over the top goodness!!! His passion for his family and passion for his cooking are just the greatest. I can’t wait to see where his career goes! Blaise has mad skills that are second to none.” -Dr. Monica Price Kowaleski, owner and Optometrist at Price Eye Care, Inc in Greenfield, Indiana 

“Blaise Doubman, I simply couldn’t say enough about the guy I call my mentor! He’s the one person I can turn to if I need help with a recipe. Blaise has such a wealth of knowledge about baking and his sense of layers and development of flavors, never ceases to amaze me. The mass market needs him! Someone better book him! I’m so thankful our paths crossed and that he’s shared a top secret recipe of his with me recently for a project of mine. I wish him all the success on the launch of his second cookbook. I’m sure we will see much more of Blaise in the near future.” -Angela Kudlets, creator of yournextgreatdish.com, recipe developer, experienced home cook, foodie, author of the cookbook, ‘The Everyday Cook’s Cookbook’ and ‘Pampered Chef’ consultant 

“I’ve never seen anyone with more love and heart than Blaise Doubman. His generosity and kindness shines through in every recipe he creates and shares with friends and family.” -Monica Holland, food writer, blogger at lickthebowlgood.blogspot.com and author of the cookbook, ‘Lick the Bowl Good’

“For scrumptious, ooey-gooey desserts that celebrate Midwestern deliciousness, you can’t go wrong with Blaise the Baker!” -Judith Fertig, ‘New York Times’ bestselling novelist and award-winning cookbook author

Cookbooks – Dessert First and Celebrates! 


To order cookbooks: Send $15 for each cookbook, $12 for the cookbook and $3 for the shipping and handling to Blaise Doubman / Box 47 / Kennard, IN 47351. Cash, check or money orders are welcomed. Payment may also be made through PayPal. Send money via PayPal to the email blaisejdx@gmail.com All cookbooks are personalized and autographed. Any additional question can be sent via the contact page at https://trailblaise.com/contact If you want to purchase 10 or more please reach out via the contact page with your information to be considered for the “business discount”.

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  • LOGO shirt, white, round neck, short sleeved, various sizes. $30
  • LOGO hat, white, adjustable size backing. $20
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To order official merchandise: Visit contact page at https://trailblaise.com/contact Fill out contact form and be sure to include what items you would like to purchase and what sizes, along with any questions or concerns. You will be contacted for payment and reply with the email address you provide. Payment is expected within three business days. Orders ship out as soon as payment is received. Global shipping options are available. If you want to purchase 10 or more please reach out via the contact page with your information to be considered for the “business discount”.

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