CHEW THIS! Spring Vegetable Recipes

The following “Chew This!” column originally appeared in “The Courier-Times” and / or “The Shelbyville News”. Check their websites for further information and dates.

Spring is just around the corner

Blaise Doubman

It is hard to believe that spring is just around the corner! I personally am ready for the newness that spring always brings with it and am ready to leave behind the coldness and dark of winter. Spring always brings to mind lighter dishes such as vegetable dips, crisp salads, salmon over rice, chicken with chick peas, parfaits for desserts or even trifles. It also brings to mind gardens, both for beauty and for bounty. My friend jangillespie, has the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. She lives in Kentucky and is such an inspiration when it comes to home design, home interior, antiques, gardening, cooking and baking. In a lot of ways, she reminds me of Food TV star, Ina Garten. Both have elegant, simple, fabulous taste and have their own unique way of looking at things, and teaching things, that really presents things in a tasteful, yet down to earth way. I have known jan for over 10 years now and she always has a way of surprising me with something new that I either did not know about the world or something I did not know about her. She is uniquely herself and inspires me, and numerous others, to do the same.

The recipes I am sharing here with you today are lighter and healthier than most I share. All four of these recipes can be tailored to fit whatever vegetables and seasonings you like. If you are reading this and have a delicious spring recipe that is lighter, yet flavorful, please feel free to visit my website and drop me a message. I love hearing from my readers, and you never know, one of your recipes may appear right here in my column! Each of these recipes can also be used in leftover dishes. My leftover roasted vegetables can be used in roasted vegetable soup. My broccoli and cheddar scrambled eggs can be used as leftovers in breakfast wraps. Avocado toast can be squeezed with lime juice and chilled for a snack later and my peppers and broccoli are just as delicious cold the next day as they are the same day they are made.

Spring Vegetable Recipes

These recipes can be custom tailored to fit your unique tastes.

Roasted Vegetables

6 cups of diced potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, parsnips, broccoli and cauliflower

4 tablespoons olive oil

2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon black pepper

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Place prepared vegetables onto large baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Bake, in preheated oven, 25-35 minutes. Remove and allow to cool slightly before enjoying. Leftovers can be turned into soup.

Broccoli and Cheddar Scrambled Eggs

4 large eggs

½ cup chopped broccoli 

½ cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese

In a bowl, whisk large eggs with pinch of salt and black pepper. Whisk in about 1 tablespoon water. Pour into hot buttered skillet. Turn heat down to low and gently cook the eggs, stirring constantly, until the eggs are ¾ of the way cooked. Add in the broccoli and shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Finish cooking and pour out onto plate. Top with truffle zest if desired.

Avocado Toast

Toast your bread of choice. Sourdough or whole grain bread is best for this. Prepare your avocado by gently slicing in half and removing the pit. Slice the avocado into a small bowl. Add in a drizzle of olive oil, powdered garlic, sea salt and black pepper. Stir together and mash well. Spread onto warm toast and drizzle over olive oil. Can top with tomato if desired.

Peppers and Broccoli

Slice bell peppers into strips. Place into bowl with prepared broccoli florets. Can stir in olive oil, salt, pepper and toasted pine nuts and serve at room temperature with favorite dip. Serve this room temperature or cold. Can also sauté the bell peppers and broccoli florets for a short time in a medium sized skillet over medium heat with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. This combination is also delicious served over fettuccini noodles with alfredo sauce.

Ask and Answer: I have heard from several people wanting to know if I also offer healthier versions of my recipes. Yes, I do. If you visit my website, you can search for what you are looking for in my search engine. If the recipe you are looking for contains a heathier option, that option and list of ingredients and changes will be posted below the original recipe.


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