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BBQ Tuna Salad has Bag Lady roots

Blaise Doubman

I know what you may be thinking after seeing this recipe for the first time. Disbelief. Disgust. Questionable choices? Trust me, that was my first thoughts when hearing about this rather strange recipe as well. Does a 2-ingredient walk through really qualify as a recipe? Sure! Yes, a can of tuna and some BBQ sauce make up this recipe and no, this is not a misprint or a joke. It is actually very delicious and I can not highly recommend you try it enough! When I have served this before in the past, people swear up and down that it is BBQ pulled pork! Yes, this may be one of those “fake out” recipes for people who love pork but no longer eat it by choice or circumstance. There is something about the tuna that really soaks you the BBQ sauce flavors and there is also something about the texture of the tuna when mixed with the BBQ sauce. It really is something to try!

Paula Deen, before she became a huge celebrity, had a catering business called “The Bag Lady”, where she would take bagged lunches to Doctor and Dentist offices around her local town. It picked up to the point where she then started catering before opening up her own restaurant and then, the rest is history. Well, I remember reading in her memoir that one of the most popular dishes she had with “The Bag Lady” business was her BBQ tuna sandwiches. After some research I found out that her recipe was literally the same 2-ingredient recipe that I am sharing here. Now, this may also sound strange but when I make this I do not use bread. I serve this either inside or alongside white rice. It sort of gives you an Asian meal inspiration when you are eating it. You could serve the meat of this recipe in hamburger buns or even hot dog buns if desired. It is really something different and delicious!

BBQ Tuna Salad

1 can tuna, drained well

¼ cup BBQ sauce

In a small bowl, combine the drained tuna and the BBQ sauce. Mix together well.

Serve at room temperature or place into the refrigerator to chill. Do not place in freezer.

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